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We have estate agents and letting agencies  join us every week and all experiencing huge increases in salary  and conversion rates with their own customers. 

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Adam valeto

Estate Agent

"When I was first approached by Premovals I had not expected what was to come. They made the entire process indelibly easy for me to start handing them jobs. It is also nice to know my customers are in good hands. Since joining the Premovals partnership I have received almost half my current salary from just referring jobs to them."

Clara Thomas

Letting Agent

"Being in the letting department at my agency I am constantly asked if I can recommend or pass on details of a removals company so when I seen Premovals ad I was overly happy to join. 

I was entirely sure about the money I would recieve from this, I was more happy to just pass my customers on to a trusted mover but once I sent in one recommendation I received 10% within 2 days and from then on I have nearly doubled my salary." 

Michael Cooper

Managing director of Lopwell Estate Agents

" At Lopwell Estate Agents, we aim to facilitate all our clients with any requirements they may have, one of these being removals. Once we advertised our partnership with Premovals we received a huge amount of interest as customers wanted a full package of sourcing property and being able to have there move organised by us. We have seen a huge scaling as a company due to the extra funds we receive on top of the increased customer base."

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